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The Liadou Stade Paul Lignon in limited edition

The Liadou <i>Stade Paul Lignon</i>  in limited edition

Football and rugby are two elements of the heritage of Rodez city, with the RAF and RODEZ RUGBY! Suppose the Paul Lignon stadium, the place of residence of the two teams, has been under renovation since 2021 for better public reception. In that case, its wooden stands in the destruction phase are part of the sporting culture of the region. Le Liadou du Vallon, in partnership with the company of Rémi Puechoultres organized the recovery of the wood from the stands of the grandstand to offer a new exceptional series in limited edition: Le Liadou Stade Paul Lignon. A real recycling process is an original way to promote part of the cultural heritage of a region in an eco-responsible way while supporting and uniting the colors of Rodez and Aveyron. The knife is available at the price of 129€.

A knife steeped in history: Le Liadou “Stade Paul Lignon“ in limited edition

Two "monuments" of the Aveyron heritage meet for a knife loaded with symbolism. Le Liadou, an authentic knife from the Marcillac winegrowers, is adorned with a handle of wood loaded with memories, that of the stands of honor that have seen so many sporting and human adventures unfold. Witness to the glory days of Ruthenian sport, the handle features the Sang & Or colors proudly displayed by the two teams. The numbered blade is engraved with a drawing of the main stand, and the knife comes with an original soft case to make this piece of history unique. The limited edition Le Liadou "Stade Paul Lignon "is entirely handmade in the Marcillac-Vallon workshop in Aveyron. The registered trademark Le Liadou du Vallon® certifies its products’ quality, origin, and authenticity. This knife is guaranteed for life against all manufacturing defects.

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