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Le Liadou Tire-bouchon, a high-end artisanal knife guaranteed for life

Le Liadou <i>Tire-bouchon</i>, a high-end artisanal knife guaranteed for life

Handcrafted in an Aveyron cutlery workshop, Le Liadou Tire-bouchon folding pocket knife is a high-end artisanal corkscrew knife guaranteed for life. Beyond its design faithful to Le Liadou Original, an authentic winegrower’s knife, it is equipped with an exclusive offset corkscrew (5 turns), a closing mechanism of rare precision, a smooth blade with an exceptional cutting edge from premium steels, as well as a 12cm full handle made from noble, rare and precious wood species. Unique, steeped in history, and customizable by engraving its blade, each Liadou Tire-bouchon is delivered in an elegant gift box accompanied by its Certificate of Authenticity. It is available for 159€.

The Marcillacois vineyard, the original cradle of Liadou

An emblematic tool, a jewel of Aveyron craftsmanship

A fine blade proud of its Aveyron roots

Recognizable among all, Le Liadou ("The Binding Tool" in Occitan) has a typical blade, wide and pointing downwards, and a particularly ergonomic handle. Born in the heart of the Marcillacois vineyard, it was when it was created as the ideal and versatile companion that everyone had in their pocket for working the vines, preparing the "snack," or even carrying out all types of domestic work. In addition to its cutting performance, the formidable precision of its flat spring, firm and nervous, made it a reliable and durable tool, such that we do more, or almost. An authentic tribute to the history of its region, Le Liadou Tire-bouchon today reconnects with its wine-growing roots, well beyond its original terroir, by adding a corkscrew to the famous folding knife.

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