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Le Liadou du Quilleur, limited edition knife

Le <i>Liadou du Quilleur</i>, limited edition knife

Did you know? The second most practiced sport in Aveyron after football is "Eight skittles"! A prevalent practice in the department and, above all, very rooted in the culture and traditions of Aveyron for more than a century, it was normal for Le Liadou du Vallon to design a knife in its glory. Le Liadou du Quilleur inherits a handle shaped in the wood resulting from the manufacture of skittles and balls either from Charme or Massaranduba. This exclusive Liadou knife handcrafted in Marcillac and guaranteed for life against all manufacturing defects, is available at the price of 119€.

Couteau pliable Le Liadou du Quilleur

Liadou du Quilleur folding knife

Authentic, traditional, and popular sport in Aveyron, it was during the French Championship held in 2022 in Saint-Amans des Cots and Rodez that Philippe Mouysset - an emblematic figure of Quilles 8 both as a player and manufacturer of balls and skittles – officially introduced the Bowler’s Liadou to the public.

**Authenticity and the Aveyron region at the heart of this new model

Born from the meeting between the Bozoulais craftsman and Nicolas Julvé, the manager of the cutlery Le Liadou du Vallon in Marcillac, Le Liadou du Quilleur is an authentic Liadou whose handle is shaped in wood from the manufacture of skittles and balls: charm and massaranduba—beautiful, noble and solid essences for our traditional Aveyron winegrower’s knife. The blade of each knife is engraved with the stylized silhouette of a bowler. As the material changes from one handle to another, each Liadou du Quilleur is unique; the photos of the model presented are therefore non-contractual.

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