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5 expert tips to help you choose quality table knives

5 expert tips to help you choose quality table knives

Unless you’re an expert in tableware or cutlery, knowing quality table knives when you see them might be more difficult than you think. Details are often what separates the wheat from the chaff and you certainly can’t judge the quality of a knife by looks alone. Unfortunately, an increasing number of manufacturers are producing beautiful knives that are sorely lacking in durability and cutting capacity. Exigent food lovers can rest assured that some cutlers continue to manufacture high-quality table knives. One of France’s leading luxury cutlery brands, Liadou has rounded up 5 key tips for knowing how to recognize quality table knives.

Qualities a superior table knife should have

A lifetime warranty from the cutler

The ultimate proof that a table knife is high quality is a lifetime warranty. If a cutlery company knows that it takes extreme care when manufacturing its products then they will have no problem providing a warranty. When a knife maker is sure that their product is well made, then they are ready to back their product. A lifetime warranty should cover repairs for anything that breaks due to a defect in materials or workmanship. For quality table knives this usually covers the blade, tang, handle scales, nails or screws.

Certificate of Authenticity

A Certificate of Authenticity provides proof of provenance, not only for the knife itself, but also for the raw materials. It also attests to the quality of these materials. Through this additional guarantee, the cutler certifies the premium qualities of their product.

Handcrafted using traditional methods

Truly high-end table knives are not mass produced in factories, they are handcrafted by authentic, qualified cutlery makers. A knife is more likely to be durable and reliable if it is hand made. A handmade object is instilled with traditional knowledge and expert skill.

Recommended by Michelin Star Chefs

If a table knife is used at Michelin Star restaurants this is an excellent gauge of a table knife’s quality. Who can better attest to the quality of a table knife than a master Chef?

A blade with exceptional cutting capacity

Of course, an exceptional, high-quality table knife is one that has an excellent cutting capacity. A quality table knife offers an extremely precise cutting edge that does not alter the texture of ingredients.

When a piece of cutlery meets these criteria, it leaves little room for doubt as to its high level of quality. A well-made table knife is created in an authentic cutlery workshop. If the cutler has nothing to hide about the handcrafted production of their table knives, they generally are open about their manufacturing processes. Quality table knives are, more often than not, customizable and can be “tailor-made.” A registered trademark is an additional guarantee of excellence. Sometimes, they can even be dishwashed, as long as the handle scales are made of dishwasher-safe materials.

About Liadou de Table

Liadou table knives: Exceptionally high-quality cutlery used by the world’s top Chefs

Recommended by the best Michelin Star Chefs

The greatest names in gourmet dining are now setting their tables with Liadou’s high-quality table knives. From Paris to Singapore and the island of Saint-Barth, Liadou has attracted the attention of leading figures in the world of luxury fine dining with its elegant synthesis of graceful lines, authenticity and one-of-a-kind features. Some of the world’s greatest chefs, cooks and innkeepers – such as 2-star Michelin Chef Alexandre Bourdas** - have fallen for Liadou, adding an extra touch of French class to their luxurious table settings.

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Much more than high-quality table knives

Naturally, Liadou’s® high-quality table knives have what it takes to charm even the most exigent foodies: its flawless, handcrafted design, razor sharp blade, bolsterless ergonomic handle, lifetime warranty, customizable blade and the wide array of exquisite raw materials used to craft them. Liadou’s® table knives are handmade in an authentic French cutlery workshop following age-old techniques. Elegant, distinctive and customizable, they are available in a panoply of colors, depending on the material you select for their handle scales. Emblematic of the Aveyron region and brimming with history, their timeless design will blend seamlessly with any style of table setting. These high-quality table knives measure 21.5cm (8.5in) in length and a weight between 120g and 130g (4.2oz – 4.5oz). They come in sets of one, two or six and are shipped in an elegant storage box.

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