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High-end handmade table knives ranked among France’s best cutlery

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From Paris to Singapore and the island of Saint-Barth, Liadou® brand ambassadors are popping up all around the world. The greatest fine dining industry workers are now setting their tables with these handmade knives, which are ranked among the best French table knives. Countless Michelin-starred chefs, cooks and innkeepers have been allured by these prestigious artisanal table knives’ sleek lines, authenticity, elegance and one-of-a-kind qualities. With its perfect design, ultra-sharp blade, ergonomic handle and other premium finishing touches, Liadou® table knives are customizable and crafted from the finest materials in our Aveyron-based luxury cutlery workshop. There’s no wonder why these high-end table knives come with a lifetime warranty!

Two-star Michelin Chef Alexandre Bourdas: One of Liadou’s Brand Ambassadors

A renowned Chef with personality

A seamless blend of France’s Northern and Southern cuisines and a dash of Japanese and Moroccan inspiration

With his "half-Norman, half-Aveyronnais" origins - two regions that are not lacking in personality - Alexandre Bourdas honed his "taste for good things" at a very early age, which his wanderlust and world travels allowed him to further refine. Bourdas studied with top chefs Régis Marcon, Michel Guérard and Michel Bras. Gleaning inspiration from his countless experiences, he created his own style of cuisine that subtly combines his memories from the gourmet flavors of his childhood to his adventures around the world, adding a pinch of Japanese cuisine here and a dollop of Moroccan influence there. Bourdas’ creative recipes awaken tastebuds with original, one may say daring, dishes that have rightfully be awarded two stars by the Michelin Guide.

About Liadou de Table

His restaurant in Honfleur: le SaQuaNa**

One of the best high-end table knives fit for France’s top chefs

Liadou® table knives bring character to a beautiful, well-dressed table, as do Chef Alexandre Bourdas’ dishes. When Bourdas met Liadou du Vallon’s very own Nicolas Juvlé and Jean-Noël Rey in 2014 he was immediately impressed by Liadou® and its traditional history. An authentic artisanal knife and one of the best French table knives, would soon adorn all of the tables of his restaurant SaQuaNa** in Honfleur, making his guests’ experience even more unforgettable.

SaQuaNa** revamped

Bourdas held onto his prestigious Michelin stars for ten years. He started dreaming of offering his guests "a more accessible cuisine, in a more social and friendly atmosphere." Backed by years of experience, the famous Chef didn’t give a moment’s thought to starting from scratch by reinventing his restaurant. With nothing left to prove, he swapped his chef’s coat for a t-shirt. The result was not surprising, the new SaQuaNa** was immediately sold out and the Michelin Guide quickly awarded him its famous BIB Gourmand. Although the restaurant has been redesigned, it has nevertheless retained the essentials, including its emblematic and high-end Liadou® table knife.

A seamless blend of traditional cooking and gastronomy

"As old as the Laguiole, the Liadou ® is a century-old knife, created for the winegrowers of Marcillac. In the past, they used it to split grapevine canes in order to trellis them. Rustic, with its thick, solid and very sharp blade that folds into a curved wooden handle, which is also wide, providing a good grip. It’s a beautiful object that symbolizes Aveyron’s terroir and the men who worked the land. I was looking for an unusual knife that would connect me to my native land, and I liked this knife."
Alexandre Bourdas

In-depth exploration of Liadou’s® manufacturing process

Unanimously praised as the best French table knife

Michelin Star Chefs who use the Liadou in their restaurants

Clients dining at a gastronomic restaurant, especially Michelin starred ones, are generally quite exigent, not only in terms of the menu, but also the atmosphere of the restaurant and its décor. Every detail counts, even the cutlery must equal the standards of the cuisine and the knife in particular cannot be mediocre. Beyond being a beautiful object, it must provide an excellent grip while slicing delicately and effortlessly, without destroying the structural integrity of the food. Liadou’s® high-end table knives are brimming with French history, bringing personality to restaurant tables. This is why, following Alexandre BOURDAS’** example, an increasing number of Michelin starred Chefs are using Liadou®’s table knives: David Sulpice*, Julien Royer & Franckelie Laloum*, Dimitri Droisneau***, Thomas Collomb*, Hervé Busset*, Sébastien Corniau*, Angelo Ferrigno* and Nicolas Masse** to name but a few. This dedicated commitment to our luxury cutlery brand confirms that these fine knives are ranked among the best high-end French table knives.

Liadou’s artisanal knives adorn the tables of high-end restaurants

Experts in the world of gastronomic fine dining are making your gourmet experience even more luxurious with Liadou de Table® authentic French handmade table knives: the Villa de l’Étang Blanc in Seignosse, Louise in Hong-Kong, Villa Madie in Cassis, Moulin de Conques in the Aveyron region, Choko Ona in Espelette and Lerouy in Singapore.

Read more about Liadou® top Chefs and restaurants
Read more about Liadou® top Chefs and restaurants

Liadou du Vallon’s® artisanal luxury cutlery

High-end table knives for any style of table setting

Elegant, stylish, customizable and lifetime warranted, the Liadou de Table® is a top-of-the-line knife that adds that certain je ne sais quoi of French class to every table setting, no matter its style. Its perfectly contoured handle provides an excellent 4-finger grip and is available with various exquisite materials. Its superb blade slices elegantly through any ingredient with ease. This high-end table knife measures 21.5cm (8.4in) in length and comes in a set of one, two or six.

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10 reasons to invest in a Liadou knife

• Luxury French cutlery manufacturing: production takes place in the artisanal cutlery workshop in Marcillac, France.
• Each pocketknife is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, providing proof of provenance and assuring that the knife is a product of Aveyron’s artisanal industry.
• Handcrafted following traditional French cutlery savoir-faire.
• Equipped with a blade with exceptional cutting capacity made from the finest steels.
• An ergonomic bolsterless handle that’s carefully crafted form the finest materials.
• Bespoke services allow you to customize the blade with an engraving.
• A traditional French winegrower’s knife steeped in regional history.
• Lifetime guarantee – a testament to this French-made pocketknife’s exquisite quality.
• Delivered worldwide in a beautiful gift box that also serves as a storage case.
• An elegant yet functional tool, an original, timeless and customizable gift that will last a lifetime and can easily slip into any pocket!

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