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Luxury table knives: add a certain je ne sais quoi of French class to your table

Michelin Star Chefs & fine dining

Following our brand ambassador, 2-star Michelin Chef Alexandre Bourdas’ example, France’s leading professionals in the world of Haute Gastronomy have also opted for Liadou’s® exceptional cutlery. Our luxurious table knives are simply stunning and handcrafted with care from the finest materials in our traditional cutlery workshop in the Aveyron region of France. From Paris to Singapore and the island of Saint-Barth, starred chefs and renowned innkeepers have fallen for their seamless silhouette, authenticity, elegance and unique features. Exceptional and guaranteed for life, the Liadou de Table ® has a customizable razor-sharp blade, a bolsterless ergonomic handle and premium finishing touches.

High-end, French-made cutlery that’s lifetime warranted

The Aveyron-based cutler’s elegant knives

Measuring a total length of 21.5cm (8.4in) and weighing 120g - 130g (4.2oz – 4.5oz), this piece of handcrafted cutlery is steeped in French history and lifetime warranted. These luxury table knives come in an elegant box in sets of one, two or six with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to their high quality and provenance. Their blades can be custom engraved at no extra cost. The Liadou du Vallon® trademark is also engraved on all of our knife blades, further proof of this luxury table knife’s high-end features. These world-renowned knives are handmade in accordance with some of France’s most heavily guarded cutlery crafting traditions, and, for this reason, we have been awarded the prestigious "Fabriqué en Aveyron" label.

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Timeless and authentic: Cutlery that blends seamlessly with any table setting

This luxurious table knife has naturally found a home at some of the world’s greatest restaurants. The Liadou de Table® is a fixed blade knife that adds an extra bit of French class to beautifully set tables, no matter the style. The Liadou de Table® is an ultra-chic, luxury table knife of rare elegance whose blade and handle materials can be customized, for example: a Carbon Fiber / Titanium handle with a Damascus steel blade or a colorful G10 fiberglass handle for a more contemporary look or a Walnut handle for a rustic touch that underscores this authentic winegrower’s knife’s history of origin. This luxurious table knife is even dishwasher safe - depending on which material you select for the scales of its bolsterless 12cm (8in) ergonomic handle.

About Liadou de Table

Exceptional tables set with Liadou’s luxury table knives

Leading cutlery recommended by top Michelin star chefs

Whether they have one, two or three stars in the famous Michelin Guide, these restaurants offer you the opportunity to live a gastronomic experience of a lifetime and let you enjoy it in luxury with Liadou’s® table knives.

Chef: David SULPICE
1 Michelin Star
Restaurant: Villa de l’Étang Blanc
Address: Seignosse, Landes (40), France
Chefs: Julien ROYER & Franckelie LALOUM
1 Michelin Star
Restaurant: Louise
Address: Hong-Kong, China
Chef: Dimitri DROISNEAU
3 Michelin Stars
Restaurant La Villa Madie
Address: Cassis, Bouches-du-Rhône (13), France
Chef: Thomas COLLOMB
1 Michelin Star
Restaurant: La Table d’hôte – Rôtisserie du Chambertin
Address: Gevrey-Chambertin, Côte d’Or (21), France
Chef: Hervé BUSSET
1 Michelin Star
Restaurant: Le Moulin de Conques
Address: Conques, Aveyron (06), France
Chef: Sébastien CORNIAU
1 Michelin Star
Restaurant: Les Tables de Gaspard
Address: Saint-Crepin, Hautes-Alpes (05), France
Chef: Angelo FERRIGNO
1 Michelin Star
Restaurant: Cibo
Address: Dijon, Côte d’Or (21), France
Chef: Charles FONTÈS
1 Michelin Star
Restaurant: La Réserve Rimbaud et l’Arbre
Address: Montpellier, Hérault (34), France
Chef: Bastien GILLET
1 Michelin Star
Restaurant: Auberge Pom’Poire
Address: Azay-le-Rideau, Indre-et-Loire (37), France
Chef: Tomy GOUSSET
1 Michelin Star
Restaurants: Tomy & Co, Hugo & Co et Marso & Co
Address: Paris 07e, 05e et 13e, Île de France (75), France
Chef: Clément GUILLEMOT
1 Michelin Star
Restaurant: Choko Ona
Address: Espelette, Pyrénées-Atlantiques (64), France
Chef: Christophe LEROUY
1 Michelin Star
Restaurant: Lerouy
Address: Singapore
Chef: Nicolas Masse
2 Michelin Stars
Restaurant: Grand’Vigne – Les Sources de Caudalie
Address: Martillac, Gironde (33), France
Chef: Alexandre BOURDAS
Ex 2 Michelin Stars, Michelin BIB Gourmand
Restaurant: SaQuaNa**
Address: Honfleur, Calvados (14), France

Liadou’s luxury knives are also gracing the tables of fine dining establishments

Stars in the world of high-class cuisine, skilled cooks and renowned innkeepers have Liadou’s® iconic winegrower’s knives at their gourmet restaurants and in their homes too.

Chef: Cyril LIGNAC
Restaurant: Aux prés, Le Chardenoux et Ischia
Location: Paris 06e, 11e et 15e, Île de France (75), France
Restaurant: La Ferme de La Ruchotte
Location: Bligny-sur-ouche, Côte d’Or (21), France
Chef: Julien AMAT
Restaurant: Le Rouergat
Location: Castelculier, Lot et Garonne (47), France
Chef: Romain BONNET
Restaurant: Omija
Location: Nantes, Loire Atlantique (44), France
Chef: Julien BOSCUS
Restaurant: Origines
Location: Paris, Île de France (75), France
Chefs: Quentin BOURDY & Noémie HONIAT
Restaurant: Le jacques a dit
Location: Villefrance-de-Rouergue, Aveyron (12), France
Chef: Julien ROUSSEAU
Restaurant: Clovis
Location: Tourette-sur-Loup, Alpes Maritimes (06), France
Chef: Anthony CABALLO
Restaurant: La Dinée du Viguier
Location: Figéac, Lot (46), France
Chef: Laurent CHABERT
Restaurant: L’Art de Vivre
Location: Narbonne, Aude (46), France
Chef: Marc CORDY
Restaurant: L’Auberge du Chateau
Location: Muret-le-Château, Aveyron (12), France
Chef: Yannick DELPECH
Restaurant: Des Roses et des Orties
Location: Colomiers, Haute-Garonne (31), France
Chef: Romain DERCILE
Restaurant: La Fleur de Sel
Location: Cossonay-Ville, Canton de Vaud, Switzerland
Chef: Jérémy PÈZE
Restaurant: Le Soufflot
Location: Meursault, Côte d’Or (21), France
Chefs: Émilie & Thomas ROUSSEY
Restaurant: Et Restaurant
Location: Rodez, Aveyron (12), France
Chef: Julien ROYER
Restaurant: Claudine
Location: Singapore
Chef: Morgan SAUZAY
Restaurant: Gueuleton
Location: Lyon 6e, Rhône (69), France
Restaurant: Le Bon Georges
Location: Paris 9e, Île de France (75), France
Restaurant: Comptoirs des Deux Frères
Location: Maisons-Laffitte, Yvelines (78), France
Restaurant: Auberge de la Forge
Location: Lavalette, Haute-Garonne (31), France
Chef: Étienne VILFROY
Restaurant: Restaurant Baie
Location: Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme, Somme (80), France
Chef: Jean-Georges VONGERICHTEN
Restaurant: Jean-Georges
Location: Saint-Barts, Caribbean

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Liadou’s® six French pocketknife collections

Liadou Original ®: the first day one
Liadou Table ®: the only non-folding Liadou
Liadou Exception®: the most prestigious model
Petit Liadou®: the smallest handle (4.1in)
Liadou Tire-bouchon®: the tribute to its roots
Liadou Racing ®: the latest addition

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