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A luxury artisanal knife on exceptional tables, all over the world

How can you recognize an exceptional, high-end table knife? Its impeccable aesthetics? Its ultra-sharp blade? Its premium finishing touches? Why yes! Professionals in the gourmet restaurant industry pay particular attention when selecting their table knives because they know that luxury cutlery not only adds character to a well-dressed table, it also makes their guests’ dining experience even more enjoyable. Exceptional in every way, Liadou’s® table knives have enjoyed meteoric success with many Michelin-starred chefs, cooks and innkeepers who have been charmed by their sleek lines, authenticity, elegance and unique qualities. What better experts to judge their superior attributes, and what better brand ambassadors to testify to their quality? From Paris to Honk-Kong, they adorn the tables of the most prestigious Chefs. All Liadou® knives are guaranteed for life, customizable and handcrafted in Aveyron, France in an authentic luxury cutlery workshop.