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Liadou pocketknife handles: 100% handcrafted in France


Other than the blade’s performance and cutting capacity, its durability is also one of the top criteria to consider when selecting a knife. The handle of a pocketknife must be meticulously designed and crafted from the finest, most durable materials, especially because it houses the blade. Liadou’s® French pocketknives are exceptional pieces of artisanal art, boasting blades forged from the finest steels (Damascus, Carbon, etc.) and handles made with exquisite materials. Liadou du Vallon’s® luxury cutlery workshop is located in Marcillac, France and employs some of the country’s most skilled artisans who work to uphold regional traditions that date back centuries. Our craftsmen use some of the Aveyron region’s most heavily guarded cutlery manufacturing techniques to handcraft our exceptional French pocketknives.

Rare wood, carbon, bone, antler and steel: Liadou’s French pocketknives are made with the finest materials

Razor-sharp blades, ergonomic, elegant and ultra-durable

The quality of a knife can be measured by its cutting capacity and its long-term durability. When deciding between several knives, the ergonomic and aesthetic qualities should also be taken into consideration. Liadou’s® French pocketknives are razor sharp, ergonomic, stunning and remarkably durable – checking off all the boxes one should consider when selecting an artisanal French pocketknife. Liadou du Vallon® is world-renowned as a luxury French cutlery brand due to the fact that each knife is carefully handcrafted by expert cutlers using the finest raw materials on the market. This traditional pocketknife has become famous for its distinctive features, including its ergonomic design and large downward pointing blade.

A blade made with top-quality steels

Liadou’s® French pocketknives boast extremely high-quality blades with features that make their cutting capacity exceptional. Our blades are resilient and durable, manufactured using quality alloys selected for their strength, undergo thermal treatment and are carefully ground to a razor-sharp edge. The alloys used to shape Liadou’s® renowned blades are ranked among the finest on the market: Sandvik® 14C28, carbon XC75, RWL34 and Damasteel®.

High-end ergonomic handles

Creating a Liadou pocketknife handle step by step

Liadou® handles don’t have bolsters and measure either 4.2 or 4.7 inches, depending on the model. Liadou®’s French pocketknives embody an elegant synthesis of dramatic lines, graceful curves and exquisite materials:

• The materials used to create Liadou®’s handles undergo a rigorous selection process
• The handle scales are hand cut using a band saw
• A lapidary machine is used to insert the scales
• The handle is prepared for assembly
• Chamfers are drilled into the scales
• The scales, springs and inserts are mounted together
• Specific parts are carefully filed after assembly
• A belt sander is used to pre-shape
• The blade is mounted onto the handle
• The knife is disassembled and reassembled in order to sand specific parts so that the blade does not get damaged each time the pocketknife closes
• The handle’s ergonomic shape is created with a belt grinder
• The metal parts are polished to a satin finish
• Several of our wood handles are manually polished with a cotton cloth

The exquisite materials used to craft this emblematic French pocketknife

An exclusive selection of premium materials

Liadou du Vallon® is a French luxury cutlery brand that is renowned for using exceptional quality materials to handcraft its pocketknives using traditional savoir-faire: bone, carbon, ebony, blonde horn, fiberglass, mammoth tusk fossils, as well as olive, oak, juniper and box tree wood, deer antlers, ram horns and even warthog tusks.

Rare exotic woods

• Ebony: understated and elegant this rare African wood is a deep glistening black color
• Boxwood: a very hard rural wood that’s smooth to the touch that gains a beautiful blonde patina over time
• Oak: a high-quality dense wood recycled from old wine barrels used for aging and storing wine
• Juniper: rot-proof wood with a fine grain, warm colors and brown knots that vary between models*
• Olive: a rare wood with exceptional grain, symbol of longevity and hope
• Arizona Ironwood
• Bahia rosewood
• Stabilized woods (Poplar, Beech, Chestnut, Red, Green or Purple Planetree, Blue or Purple Oak, etc.)

Exotic materials and fossils

• Blonde Horn Tip: a beautiful natural material made from the solid tip of a horn. It has a shiny appearance when polished and deep shades ranging from light beige to brown
• Stabilized bone: a very elegant natural material, gaining a beautiful ivory patina over time. Models may vary*
• Warthog tusks
• Mammoth fossil tusks
• Deer antlers
• Ram’s horns


• Carbon fiber
• Blue fiberglass
• Orange fiberglass
• Red fiberglass
• White fiberglass
• Black fiberglass

* Each Liadou® is unique. As these materials are natural, we cannot guarantee that the product you receive will look exactly like the one featured in the photos on this website.

Ethical supplier selection process

Le Liadou du Vallon ® is engraved on the blade of all our knives, guaranteeing the quality and provenance of not only the knives but each material that is used in their production. Liadou® is committed to manufacturing the highest quality French pocketknives. That’s why we apply the highest standards of business ethics when selecting all of our suppliers. We ensure that their business practices respect the environment while working to protect biodiversity and prevent deforestation. Each supplier undergoes our rigorous verification process as well as each material that we use to handcraft our French pocketknives. When necessary, we also check certain imported materials to ensure that they meet French Customs regulations.

Le Liadou du Vallon’s® six collections of French pocketknives

Luxury French cutlery: Four pocketknives and a table knife

Liadou® Original, Liadou® Table, Liadou® Exception, Petit Liadou®, Liadou® Tire-bouchon, and Liadou® Racing. Sheaths and leather cases are also available in various colors, allowing you to safely store your pocketknife or attach it to your belt. A French-made Liadou® pocketknife is a timeless heirloom to be proudly worn and used for a lifetime.

Explore Liadou’s® French pocketknife collections

Lifetime warranty and customizable

Each Liadou® knife that leaves our luxury French cutlery workshop is accompanied by a lifetime warranty - proof of the extreme care placed at the heart of each of our creations. This warranty covers any manufacturing defect that causes a part to break (blade, spring, tang, scales, nails or screws). Liadou® also offers bespoke blade engraving services on all of its knives free of charge. Each Liadou® knife is delivered in an elegant gift box and also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Purchasing a Liadou® means owning the most important human tool, elevated to a superlative piece of functional art that’s steeped in the history of the Aveyron region.

Choose your preferred boutique: Online or in our brick-and-mortar locations in France

Are you looking to purchase a Liadou® knife? We invite you to browse our online shop or come see our collections in person at our French boutiques located in Marcillac-Vallon and Rodez. LE LIADOU DU VALLON® opens the world of customization to you with our bespoke pocketknife services, allowing you to personalize the steel blade of your knife with the engraving of your choice. No matter where you are in the world, your Liadou® will be delivered in an elegant case and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity as well as a lifetime warranty.