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Liadou du Vallon ®: World-renowned traditional French pocketknife brand

Ranked among France’s best traditional pocketknife brands, the artisanal cutler Liadou du Vallon® handcrafts authentic "wine grower’s knives." A Liadou® is much more than an exceptional knife – its robust functionality and purist design embodies the traditions and craftsmanship of yesteryear. Encapsulating regional heritage, this versatile and traditional French knife was once the trusted companion of every winegrower in Aveyron - a winegrower never set out to work in the vineyard without one in their pocket. Its modern rebirth has garnered international renown by staying true to Aveyron’s purest cutlery traditions. Handcrafted in accordance with age-old savoir-faire and forged using the finest materials, the Liadou du Vallon® has naturally taken its rank among the finest traditional French pocketknife brands. We now offer 6 high-end models of this classic knife. Liadou® knives are customizable and come with a lifetime warranty as well as a Certificate of Origin - attesting to their extreme reliability, superior quality and provenance.