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Luxury French cutlery that can be personalised with an engraving on the blade


The Liadou® is a stunning French pocketknife that’s emblematic of the Aveyron region in France. This exquisite piece of luxury French cutlery is easily recognizable due to its signature ergonomic features and large, delicately downward pointing blade that can be personalised. Our artisanal knives have razor-sharp blades forged from the finest steels and bolsterless handles crafted from exceptional quality materials. Liadou® has carefully crafted six different collections comprised of luxury cutlery and pocketknives – timeless heirlooms to be proudly used for a lifetime. Liadou’s® bespoke blade services allow you to personalise your cutlery free of charge with the engraving of your choice.

Make your Liadou® unique by getting its blade engraved

A high-end blade made of the finest steel

Handcrafted in accordance with age-old cutlery traditions, Liadou’s® stunning French pocketknives are as unique as their history. Boasting a large durable blade with exceptional cutting capacity, Liadou’s® personalisable cutlery is crafted with the finest steels on the market: Sandvik® 14C28, carbon XC75, RWL34 and Damasteel®. Liadou du Vallon’s® artisanal manufacturing process produces an outstandingly sharp blade through an elegant synthesis of durable alloys, optimal thermal treatment and expert sharpening.

Personalise your luxury French cutlery with an engraving

An in-depth look at how your cutlery is personalised

When you are purchasing your Liadou® knife on our e-shop, you can select the blade engraving option at checkout, allowing you to personalise your cutlery free of charge.

Personalise your cutlery with up to 20 characters

Our artisan craftsmen can engrave up to 20 characters (including spaces) onto the blade of your Liadou® knife. Our bespoke service opens the doors to the world of customization: engrave your name, the name of the person you are gifting it to, a celebratory note, Father’s or Mother’s Day wishes or a Valentine’s Day or birthday message. We can even personalise your cutlery with a vector image (logo or a coat of arms). If you are interested in a vector image engraving it must be special ordered.

Three fonts available

You can personalise your cutlery with one of three different fonts: Electro, Optima or Script.

Liadou’s six collections of personalisable cutlery

Six models

Liadou® is a luxury French cutlery brand that’s brimming with history! The origins of this stunning pocketknife can be traced back to the vineyards in France’s Aveyron region, where the Liadou® was the winegrower’s tool of choice. Today, this indispensable tool has been elevated to a piece of superlative functional art, brought to you in six collections: Five models of exceptional quality French-made pocketknives and an extremely high-end table knife that is used by some of the world’s top Michelin star chefs.

Liadou Original ®
Liadou Table ®
Liadou Exception®
Petit Liadou®
Liadou Tire-bouchon®
Liadou Racing ®

Explore Liadou’s® French pocketknife collections

Several different models

Liadou’s® knives are available with various options for steel blades, handle materials and sizes. Liadou’s® knives boast a high-performance blade and the brand’s signature slip joint system that snaps the blade into place with authority as well as a bolsterless handle with contoured scales that provide an excellent four-finger grip. There are countless options in terms of material to choose from for the handle scales: stabilized bone, carbon, ebony, blonde horn, mammoth tusk fossil, olive, oak, juniper and box tree wood, warthog tusk, fiberglass and several other options. Liadou® knives are handcrafted in our Marcillac-based workshop by expert artisans following the Aveyron region’s age-old cutlery traditions. The Liadou® and Liadou du Vallon® trademarks have been awarded with a mark of excellence -the “Fabriqué en Aveyron” label - which the department gives to products that uphold the region’s traditions.

10 Reasons for purchasing a Liadou® knife

Luxury French cutlery manufacturing: production takes place in the artisanal cutlery workshop in Marcillac, France.
• Each pocketknife is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, providing proof of provenance and assuring that the knife is a product of Aveyron’s artisanal industry.
Handcrafted following traditional French cutlery savoir-faire.
• Equipped with a blade with exceptional cutting capacity made from the finest steels.
• An ergonomic bolsterless handle that’s carefully crafted form the finest materials.
• Bespoke services allow you to customize the blade with an engraving.
• A traditional French winegrower’s knife steeped in regional history.
• Lifetime guarantee – a testament to this French-made pocketknife’s exquisite quality.
• Delivered worldwide in a beautiful gift box that also serves as a storage case.
• An elegant yet functional tool. An original, timeless and customizable gift that will last a lifetime and can easily slip into any pocket!

Online or in our brick-and-mortar locations in France

Are you looking to purchase a Liadou® knife? We invite you to browse our online shop or come see our collections in person at our French boutiques located in Marcillac-Vallon and Rodez. LE LIADOU DU VALLON® opens the world of customization to you with our bespoke pocketknife services, allowing you to personalize the steel blade of your knife with the engraving of your choice. No matter where you are in the world, your Liadou® will be delivered in an elegant case and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity as well as a lifetime warranty.