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Liadou’s latest luxury French cutlery and pocketknives

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Liadou® – one of France’s leading luxury cutlery brands – has six collections of handmade pocketknives that come with a lifetime warranty. All of these collections are available on our online shop and our stores in the Aveyron region in France. Our emblematic knife blades offer an exceptionally sharp cutting edge thanks to the superior quality steels used to forge them. Liadou® also offers free blade engraving services. Innovation is key when it comes to creating true luxury cutlery, that’s why we’re constantly searching for new and original materials for our handles. Our original pocketknife models are only redesigned once we settle on a new material that inspires us, while also meeting our high standards. Updated with our latest creations, this exclusive collection of new pocketknives is comprised of truly exceptional pieces of luxury cutlery. Whether you purchase it online or in-store, a Liadou® is a stunning pocketknife brimming with French history!

Liadou du Vallon’s latest pocketknives

The Liadou « Stade Paul Lignon 2 »

A superb, special-edition pocketknife available for €119.00.

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Liadou du Quilleur: special edition luxury French cutlery

The artisan cutlery craft and the Vintage French bowling game Quilles de Huit are both pieces of the Aveyron region’s living heritage. Liadou® has united them in the form of a new pocket knife. These exceptional, special-edition Liadou® pocketknives are handcrafted and feature a premium steel blade engraved with a stylized sketch of a bowler. Our traditional winegrower’s knife has also been redesigned with a handle made from same rare wood that’s used make bowling pins. These ergonomic handles are shaped from offcuts of Walnut, Hornbeam and Massaranduba wood. Each Liadou du Quilleur® is one-of-a-kind due to the prominent rays of the wood, which may vary from model to model. A superb, special-edition pocketknife available for €119.00.

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A bold interpretation of our classic French pocketknife

-* Liadou® in Bahia Rosewood
  • Liadou® in purple stabilized Oak
  • Liadou® in blue stabilized Oak
  • Liadou® in red stabilized Plane tree
  • Liadou® in purple stabilized Plane tree
  • Liadou® in green stabilized Plane tree
  • Liadou Original® in Ram’s Horn
  • Liadou Original® in Deer Antler
  • Liadou® in Efloryn® & orange inlays
  • Liadou Original® in carbon fiber & blue resin
  • Liadou Exception® in carbon fiber & orange G10 inlays - Lightweight
  • Liadou Exception® in carbon fiber & blue G10 liners - Lightweight
  • Liadou Exception® in carbon fiber & blue/orange G10 liners - Lightweight
  • Liadou Exception® in brown tinted bone & stainless-steel Damascus blade
  • Liadou Exception® in blue tinted bone & stainless-steel Damascus blade

Purchase a Liadou pocketknife online or in person at one of our luxury cutlery boutiques in France

Liadou du Vallon boutiques: pocketknives and table knives

Marcillac: the birthplace of Liadou’s pocketknife

This famous French pocketknife’s origins can be traced back to the heart of Marcillac’s vineyards. This easily recognizable knife is famous for its exceptionally sharp blade that has a slightly downturned tip and its ergonomic 12cm (4.7in) bolsterless handle. In the past, this knife quickly became the region’s go-to winegrower’s knife thanks to the excellent grip it provided and its multipurpose features. Inspired by the past and rooted in the present, this traditional pocketknife has been boldly redesigned by the French luxury cutlery brand Liadou du Vallon® into a superlative piece of functional art.

Purchase your pocketknife or table knife at our new shop

Liadou du Vallon® welcome’s you to come visit its brand-new shop, which opened December 19, 2022 in Marcillac-Vallon

24 Tour de Ville
12330 Marcillac-Vallon
Aveyron, France
(+33 5 65 67 15 12)

Open Tuesday – Friday: 9AM – 12PM and 2PM – 6PM
Open Sundays from April – October: 10AM - 12:30PM
Closed on Mondays year-round.
Closed on Sundays from November to March.

Liadou du Vallon’s® luxury cutlery workshop in France

Following age-old French cutlery crafting traditions, each Liadou® Original pocketknife is carefully handcrafted to perfection in accordance to its future owner’s desires. The Liadou® is an exceptional pocketknife, boasting an impressively sharp high-end steel blade, an ergonomic handle crafted from the finest materials and a well-engineered folding mechanism.

Read more about Liadou’s® manufacturing process

Our artisanal workshop located in Marcillac-Vallon, France in the Aveyron region also has a boutique.


17 rue du Cruou
12330 Marcillac-Vallon
Aveyron, France

If you would like to take a tour of our French luxury cutlery workshop, please call us at +33 5 65 67 15 12.

In-depth exploration of Liadou’s® manufacturing process

Our brick-and-mortar location in Rodez, France

Located between the Prefecture and the townhall, our luxury cutlery boutique welcomes you

4 rue Marie
12000 Rodez
Aveyron, France
(+33 5 65 55 59 02)

Tuesday – Friday: 10AM – 12PM and 2PM – 7PM
Saturday: 9:30AM – 12PM and 2PM – 7PM
Closed Sundays and Mondays year-round

Liadou’s luxury cutlery e-shop

If you are not able to come to one of our boutiques in Aveyron, France, Liadou du Vallon® also has an online shop that features all six of our different collections of pocketknives and table knives. Our e-shop features a secure online payment method. Whether you complete your purchase online or in one of our boutiques, all Liadou® pocketknives and table knifes come with in an elegant box accompanied by a lifetime warranty - proof of the extreme care placed at the heart of each of our creations. This warranty covers any manufacturing defect that causes a part to break (blade, spring, tang, scales, nails or screws).

Liadou’s® six French pocketknife collections

Liadou Original ®: the first day one
Liadou Table ®: the only non-folding Liadou
Liadou Exception®: the most prestigious model
Petit Liadou®: the smallest handle (4.1in)
Liadou Tire-bouchon®: the tribute to its roots
Liadou Racing ®: the latest addition