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Liadou® luxury French cutlery brand’s handcrafted pocketknives

Ranked among France’s best pocketknives, each Liadou® comes with a lifetime warranty! Liadou® knives are reputed by the most discerning pocketknife connoisseurs as being sound investments thanks to their razor-sharp blades forged from high-end steels, ergonomic handles crafted from top-quality materials and their precise closing mechanisms. Each piece of luxury cutlery that leaves our workshop is carefully handcrafted by our expert artisans and embodies the Aveyron region’s cutlery tradition. Liadou du Vallon® has six different collections: the Liadou Original®, Liadou de Table®, Liadou Exception®, Petit Liadou®, Liadou Tire-bouchon® and Liadou Racing®. All of our Liadou® knives come in elegant gift box and are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity as a testament to their extremely high quality as well as the provenance of the materials used to handcraft them.

Liadou original

Handcrafted in our luxury cutlery workshop based in Aveyron, the Liadou Original® is a high-end pocketknife that comes with a lifetime warranty. Ranked among France’s best pocketknives thanks to (...)
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Petit Liadou

Handcrafted with care by master artisans in Liadou’s® luxury cutlery workshop based in Aveyron, France, the Petit Liadou® is a charming, multifunctional and elegant tool with graceful curves and (...)
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Liadou de Table

Some of France’s most renowned Michelin star chefs, like Dimitri Droisneau and Cyril Lignac, have opted to use Liadou de Table® knives in their restaurants. These high-end table knives are (...)
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Liadou Exception

There are knives that will never make it into your daily kitchen routine, spending their existence pushed to the back of a drawer. And then there are the rare and unique knives, timeless (...)
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Liadou Tire-Bouchon

Handcrafted in our luxury cutlery workshop in France, the Liadou Tire-bouchon® is a high-end lifetime warranted sommelier knife. This model resembles Liadou’s® Original winegrower’s knife but also (...)
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Liadou Racing

Liadou Racing® is the latest collection by the House of Liadou du Vallon®. This model was engineered to be light and to have an ultra-sleek design. As is the case with all of our luxury cutlery, (...)
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