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Offer a small folding knife to a woman

Offer a small folding knife to a woman

Let it be said, knives have become real fashion accessories in recent years for both men and women. Multiplicity of shapes and colors, adapted sizes and numerous accessorizations make folding knives very attractive objects far from their original destination. Giving a woman a small folding knife has now become a habit. You still have to know how to choose it, and know how to offer it. Women’s knives are more and more present among knife manufacturers, and there is indeed no shortage of choice. Since their invention by the Romans in the 1st century, folding blade knives continue to inspire cutlers around the world. How to choose the ideal model, the one with which to be sure to please? Is there a symbolic meaning behind this gift? Discover the few essential parameters to offer the ideal small folding knife to a woman.

The penknife, an excellent gift idea for HER? 3 major reasons

Women love small folding knives

The “Rambo” atmosphere is over with the new small folding knives intended for women. Besides, in truth, there aren’t really any knives just for women. It is customary simply to recommend offering smaller sized knives to women for ease of handling (shorter handle and blade). In reality, many women who love knives own them in classic sizes and the opposite is just as true. However, it must be recognized that the finesse of the small knives considerably attenuates the “stabbing” connotation of the knives and contributes to making them more harmless and attractive. In any case, like Angelina Jolie, famous CULTELLUPHILIST and daring thrower of butterfly knives in some of her films, women are much more likely than you think to have a passion for knives, especially the knife. of pocket. The star is far from the only one to collect them, and women of all generations are more and more interested in the object. It is enough to observe the resurgence of “so-called” knives intended for women among cutlers, to no longer doubt it. More often slipped to the bottom of the handbag than worn on the belt by women, the knife with a folding blade turns out to be an excellent everyday companion. Beyond the beautiful object and its ability to provide many services in all circumstances, the object has become a real fashion accessory that we no longer hesitate to proudly show off in restaurants or with friends!

What symbolic message does this feminine penknife deliver to the one who receives the gift?

Popular belief and representation: does receiving a penknife as a gift bring bad luck?

Depending on the time and place, handing a knife to someone, without specifying gender, could take on meanings more or less imbued with superstitions or symbols, as related in part of the specialized literature. If doubt is still sometimes allowed, the "gift knife" is today a classic freed from popular beliefs and other traditions, although one of them has not yet completely fallen into oblivion.

From symbols to forgotten popular beliefs

n the four corners of the world, it is of daily use to use it at the table, and it is in certain cultures the present which represents the passage to adulthood of a child. Yet this versatile and useful tool is also a "bladed weapon". According to the Bible, the cold weapon is "divine and in the service of truth and good", a "sacrificial tool" with a sacred character, intended to serve the purposes of God. In the Old Testament, sacrifices, of human beings or animals, are carried out with knives. Revelation (1-16) even describes Christ as a cold weapon "...and out of his mouth came a sharp, two-edged sword." Needless to say that its references are far from the current concerns of knife enthusiasts!

If you plan to offer a small folding knife to a woman

If it always pleases a man as well as a woman, offering a knife is not a gift like the others. At the origin of a tradition still in use today, the most widespread belief dates from the Middle Ages and maintains that offering a knife would cut the emotional ties whatever they are, with the one who receives it. . This is why when you receive a knife as a gift, it is appropriate to give a coin in return, to the person who gives a knife. Thus the gift is no longer a gift, since we can consider that it has been purchased!

As small as it is, is giving a folding knife to a woman a good idea?

To tell the truth, this question does not even deserve to be asked as the majority of everyday objects are now gender neutral. If it’s not a usual gift, let’s face it, it is a very original gift as the diversity of shapes, materials, sizes but also personalization are numerous. So, for what objective reason in 2023 should we hesitate to offer a pocket knife to a woman? The knife, folding or not, is no longer the prerogative of men, at least on this side of the world.

Will she be able to legally carry her penknife in her bag or on her belt in France?

Edged weapons of category D according to the law

In France, according to Article 317-9 of the Internal Security Code, they are all considered as bladed weapons! Whatever its format, size, opening and other locking system by switchblade, a knife is considered a category D weapon, the carrying of which is prohibited in public places or events. Even folding and small, the pocket knife, feminine or not, cannot officially be worn or transported without a legitimate reason, under penalty of being fined €15,000 and one year in prison. However, in fact, French courts generally decide otherwise.

Case law: “leisure knives” recognized by French courts

So-called “leisure” knives, i.e. pocket, Swiss, folding knives, etc., benefit from case law established by French courts. The vast majority of cases brought before the courts have established that this kind of fine blade could be compared to a traditional French tool. And that could not have been better since it is precisely about the deep nature of the Liadou: a traditional French tool! According to its use, it is thus allowed to have it on oneself. Because it is really "a traditional French tool" that Marcillac winegrowers once kept in their pockets, the Liadou is particularly suitable, especially in its chic, compact and feminine version: the Petit Liadou.

Why offering the Petit Liadou folding knife to a woman is an excellent choice?

A traditional French tool steeped in history born in the Marcillac vineyards, it is today a recognized flagship of Aveyron craftsmanship, of which it is one of the official representatives. Guaranteed for life, the Petit Liadou is shaped by hand with the greatest respect for exclusive traditional know-how, in an authentic artisanal cutlery workshop in Marcillac. Certified with the prestigious “Made in Aveyron” label, it has a full 10.5 cm ergonomic handle made from the finest materials. Offering a legendary sharpness, its emblematic blade comes from the best steels. Associated with its exceptional cutting capacity, its perfect curves and its light weight facilitate a particularly pleasant handling. Also handmade by skilled craftsmen from a genuine French leather goods workshop, its leather case is available in several colours. If you wish to offer this small folding knife to a woman, know that it is delivered everywhere in its elegant box, with the exclusive Certificate of Authenticity certifying the origin of all that constitutes. To personalize it as well as to deliver a message, the cutler even offers you the engraving of his blade. You just have to choose it!