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A traditional French winegrower’s knife originating in Marcillac’s vineyards

Marcillac Vineyards

A traditional Aveyron "winegrower’s knife" whose origins can be traced back to Marcillac’s vineyards, the Liadou® is the versatile and sturdy tool that was once commonly used for work in the vineyards. Liadou means “binding or tying tool” in Occitan as it was used to split grapevine canes in order to tie them to trellises. This traditional French pocketknife was saved from falling into oblivion by the luxury cutlery brand Liadou du Vallon®. This modern interpretation of a timeless tool has quickly gained world renown. Liadou’s® traditional winegrower’s knife comes with a lifetime warranty and is made from the finest materials while proudly upholding the region’s age-old artisanal cutlery manufacturing savoir-faire.

Created in Marcillac’s vineyards

The history of this traditional French winegrower’s knife

A multifunctional tool for working in Marcillac’s vineyards

A practical, efficient and sturdy pocketknife

The history of Liadou’s® pocketknife is heavily intertwined with that of the Marcillac vineyards. Liadou® is Occitan for “outil à lier,” which translates to “binding or tying tool,” as the knives were used to split the grapevine canes in order to tie them to wooden stakes. The Liadou® knife has been the Marcillac winegrower’s go-to tool. Boasting a large, wide and downward-pointing blade and a slip joint system that snaps the blade into place with authority as well as an ergonomic bolsterless handle. The Liadou® knife quickly became reputed among winegrowers in Marcillac-Vallon for its efficiency, sturdiness and versatility. More often than not, one could count on an inhabitant of this region to have one tucked away in their pocket.

A traditional winegrower’s knife used in Marcillac’s vineyards

Previously, the winegrower would select one grape vine that would grow the grapes and tied it into a large loop that looked like a crown. The winegrower would cut and split offshoots of cane that they had already cut off the vine and use them like string to tie the end this “vine crown” to wooden stakes. The Liadou® was unrivaled in its ability to bevel the end of the grapevine cane, allowing it to be passed through the knot that held the loop together to pull it tight. This famous winegrower’s knife was essential to all of these steps.

A traditional French winegrower’s knife that fell into oblivion in Marcillac’s vineyards

For decades, this winegrower’s knife from the Marcillac region remained the tool of choice among those working in Marcillac’s vineyards. However, little by little this pocketknife was slowly forgotten as the wine region underwent consecutive hardships and transformations: trellising grapevines with wire, infestations of grape phylloxera insects, the great frost of 1956, the exodus of people from Aveyron to Paris and the decline of the local Decazeville mining business. Unfortunately, this traditional winegrower’s knife did not survive the decline of Marcillac’s vineyards. The Liadou®, as useful as it was for tying up the vines, was gradually abandoned, despite the 4,000 hectares (approx. 10,000 acres) of vineyards still present in the area to this day.

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Raising from the ashes in its place of origin

After falling into oblivion, master cutlers in Marcillac-Vallon have resurrected this pocketknife from the ashes. Inspired by the past and rooted in the present, the Liadou® was reborn in 1960, as the "guardians of traditional cutlery manufacturing savoir-faire" handcrafted a modern interpretation of this timeless classic in a workshop in its town of origin. Today, this French winegrower’s knife is created with the greatest respect for the French cutlery tradition.

In-depth exploration of Liadou’s® manufacturing process

A pocketknife that became a symbol of the Aveyron region

After decades of iron ore mining and several centuries of wine growing, the Liadou pocketknife is proud to have become one of the symbols of the Aveyron region! This traditional French pocketknife’s history is intertwined with the region’s blacksmithing and winegrowing traditions.

This artisanal gem has been recognized for its exceptional quality and awarded the "Fabriqué en Aveyron" label for perpetuating the region’s traditions and craftsmanship. Today, the registered trademark Liadou du Vallon® proudly contributes to this region’s craft industry by producing authentic products that are full of history, made in France and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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AOC and AOP red and rosé wines made from Occitan grape varietals

Marcillac’s ancestral vineyards

Marcillac’s vineyards were developed under the auspices of the Abbey of Conques more than ten centuries ago. Aveyron’s four terroirs all have been classified as AOP (protected designation of origin) and AOC (controlled designation of origin) wine appellations - a guarantee of high quality, referring to standards set for wines made in France. The Marcillac vineyards are located about twenty kilometers from the town of Marcillac, northwest of Rodez, and are surrounded by the Causse Comtal (limestone plateau) to the south and east. The landscape’s topography is characterized by ancient rocky plateaus and deep valleys that were shaped by the Lot, Tarn and Aveyron rivers. Marcillac’s grapevines either cling to steeply sloping hillsides or are cut into terraces that are facing due south. The vines turn a lovely range of warm colors: ochres, purplish reds and intense oranges. The vines grow at an average altitude of 400m (1,300ft), on red clay soils that are very rich in iron oxide, limestone pebbles, as well as on rendzina and dolomite marl soils.

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Marcillac wines

Marcillac wine has considerable volume and firm tannins. It tends to be light and fruity with a vegetal aroma and a beautifully colored robe. This wine pairs well with most types of cuisine. Marcillac wines are well-esteemed by chefs, such as Sébastien Bras. This wine is produced by a dozen different vineyards.


Full-bodied with gourmand aromas of wild fruits: wild strawberries, raspberries, etc. As pleasant to look at as it is to sip, it has a beautiful crisp salmon color. The rosé produced in Marcillac has an excellent organoleptic quality. This wine is best drunk young.


Marcillac’s vineyards - the largest terroir in Aveyron - are the only ones that also produce red wine. With its elegant dark red color, wine professionals describe it as "tannic and rustic.” Particularly rich in procyadinols (which help reduce cholesterol), Marcillac’s red wine is ideal for epicureans. It is a full-bodied, structured wine with notes of blackberries, black currants and blueberries.

From Rodez to Millau: Aveyron’s wine route

Although there is no official "wine route" in Aveyron, the department is attracting an increasing number of wine tourists in search of authenticity and tradition. Aveyron’s winegrowers are particularly welcoming, but Marcillac’s vintners are particularly friendly and are always willing to share their love of wine, their passion for the terroir, their winemaking expertise and also enjoy telling stories about the history of this thousand-year-old wine country. It is easy to plan a wonderful wine tasting tour that stops at several vineyards along a route through Marcillac, Rodez and Millau.

Marcillac-Vallon’s Tourist Office Website

Liadou du Vallon’s artisanal cutlery workshop and boutique

Our traditional winegrower’s knife is now considered to be a symbol of Aveyron’s winemaking terroir and is available in six different collections:

Liadou Original ®: the first day one
Liadou Table ®: the only non-folding Liadou
Liadou Exception®: the most prestigious model
Petit Liadou®: the smallest handle (4.1in)
Liadou Tire-bouchon®: the tribute to its roots
Liadou Racing ®: the latest addition

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