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100% Made in France: A traditional pocketknife by the high-end cutlery brand Liadou


Aveyron is the twelfth department in France, located in the north of the Occitania region. Its economic output is impressive and diverse. In 2008, the Departmental Council and its economic partners created the “Fabriqué en Aveyron” label – a type of official stamp of approval, which translates to “Made in Aveyron.” A product awarded this label must be emblematic of the region and created in Aveyron using traditional regional knowledge. Purchasing products that uphold Aveyron’s age-old craftsmanship traditions has never been this easy - soaps, jewelry, pocketknives, etc. When you see a product with this departmental seal of approval, you can rest assured, not only of the product’s provenance, but also the values they embody and the traditional knowledge that was used to create them. Liadou du Vallon’s® high-end cutlery tool is a traditional regional knife that’s brimming with history whose roots run deep in Aveyron. Our French pocketknife proudly bears this departmental seal of approval as one of the region’s artisanal gems.

What is the Fabriqué en Aveyron label?

Values upheld by the department

A product that is awarded this prestigious label must not only be made in Aveyron, it must embody the department’s values. When considering a product for this label, it must uphold the following four core values:

Manufacturer and active participant: the manufacturing methods used to create the product must be carefully executed to perpetuate and sustain local ancestral knowledge.
Terroir & preservation: it comes from one of Aveyron’s extraordinary and naturally preserved terroirs.
Values & Community: it reflects the values of fraternity, authenticity and the simple, effortless lifestyle embraced in Aveyron.
Tradition & Openness: This product was shaped by Aveyron’s history and embodies an elegant blend of tradition and modernity.

Companies from participating sectors

The department’s best companies

In order for companies to be considered for the “Fabriqué en Aveyron” Brand License Agreement, they must meet all of the abovementioned prerequisites.

The companies are then categorized into one of the following seven major business sectors:

• Agro-food Industry
• Housing / construction
• Wood / furniture
• Publishing / printing
• Mechanics / metalworking
• Artistic handicraft – Liadou du Vallon® high-end cutlery company is categorized under this sector

Aveyron’s 100% Made in France artisanal products: from pocketknives to duck terrine

Soaps, mosaics, pocketknives and other superlative gems of true French craftsmanship

Lamps and wall sconces created and sculpted by Rémy in Rivière-sur-Tarn, Occitan crosses made by Anne in Cransac, authentic soaps made at the Savonnerie du Larzac in Millaux or at the Ferme du Bêêêz farm in St-Laurent-d’Olt or unique jewelry made in Rodez by Patrice Hill’s: there is no shortage of artisanal craftsmen and women in Aveyron. Purchasing artisanal products that are made in Aveyron knowing that you are investing in an authentic local product has never been so easy! And high-end cutlery is no exception. Aveyron is known for its iron ore mining and the region has several artisanal cutlery companies. Liadou’s® traditional winegrower’s knife was originally created for work in the Marcillac vineyards.

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This French pocketknife represents two of Aveyron’s major historical and economic sectors: cutlery and viticulture. One simply couldn’t wish for a better symbol of the Aveyron region. Liadou’s® pocketknives proudly sustain the timeless tradition of French cutlery and are handcrafted in their town of origin. It’s not surprising that Liadou® has been awarded with the "Fabriqué en Aveyron" label for sustaining a timeless tradition.

The Fabriqué en Aveyron trade fair: a rare chance to purchase the very best of the region’s artisanal crafts

The Fabriqué en Aveyron trade fair was held for the fourth time in September 2022 in Onet-le-Château. This event is a unique opportunity to discover Aveyron’s best products, highlighting craftsmanship in particular. Sculptors, jewelry designers, cabinetmakers, leatherworkers, florists and high-end cutlery companies put their exclusive savoir-faire on display. Cheese makers, bakers, butchers, beekeepers, chocolate makers, and of course, wine makers offer you a chance to taste their products.

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The Liadou: a pocketknife that’s symbolic of the fabriqué en Aveyron label

Liadou’s history

Traditionally, winegrower’s in Marcillac always had one of these multifunctional knives in their pocket. Liadou® is Occitan for “outil à lier,” which translates to “binding or tying tool,” as the knives were used to split the grapevine canes in order to tie them to wooden stakes. It was also used to eat during lunch breaks and also came in handy for various household chores. The Liadou® knife quickly became reputed well beyond the borders of Aveyron for its durable and reliable features: its exceptional slip joint system that snaps the blade into place with authority as well as its razor-sharp folding blade, featuring a now-signature downward-pointing tip.

Explore Liadou’s® history

100% French-made pocketknives handcrafted in Marcillac-Vallon in Aveyron

Liadou du Vallon’s high-end cutlery workshop

Our cutlery workshop also houses one of our stores. Here our three master craftsmen carefully handcraftcraft Liadou du Vallon’s high-end, 100% French-made cutlery®.

17 rue du Cruou
12330 Marcillac-Vallon
Aveyron, France

If you would like to take a tour of our French luxury cutlery workshop and see the how a Liadou® is created, please call us at +33 5 65 67 15 12.

Traditional craftsmanship that’s lifetime warranted

Liadou’s® exceptional-quality French pocketknives are completely handcrafted by our three expert artisans in our high-end cutlery workshop based in Marcillac, France where this pocketknife originated. Each knife is carefully crafted in accordance with its future owner’s instructions. In order to produce a perfect product, every detail is considered, from the careful selection of ethically sourced raw materials down to the finished product. Each of our knives is created with meticulous precision - sawing your selected material into handle scales, sharpening the blade and its careful assembly. All of our high-end cutlery products come with a lifetime warranty - proof of the extreme care placed at the heart of each of our creations. This warranty covers any manufacturing defect that causes a part to break (blade, spring, tang, scales, nails or screws).

Explore the manufacturing steps used to create a Liadou®

Purchase a French-made artisanal pocketknife

The perfect tourist souvenir, or simply, for your love of the region

Liadou’s® traditional French pocketknife is a popular choice among tourists looking to take home a little piece of the Aveyron region’s history. If you are looking for an authentic souvenir that helps sustain a timeless tradition, then one of Liadou’s® luxury cutlery products is perfect for you! Thanks to its worldwide success, Liadou® has created six different collections of emblematic winegrower’s pocketknives.the Liadou® Original, Liadou® Table, Liadou® Exception, Petit Liadou®, Liadou® Tire-bouchon (the only non-folding Liadou), and our latest model Liadou® Racing..

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10 reasons to purchase a Liadou in Rodez, Marcillac or online

• Luxury French cutlery manufacturing: production takes place in the artisanal cutlery workshop in Marcillac, France.
• Each pocketknife is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, providing proof of provenance and assuring that the knife is a product of Aveyron’s artisanal industry.
• Handcrafted following traditional French cutlery savoir-faire.
• Equipped with a blade with exceptional cutting capacity made from the finest steels.
• An ergonomic bolsterless handle that’s carefully crafted form the finest materials.
• Bespoke services allow you to customize the blade with an engraving.
• A traditional French winegrower’s knife steeped in regional history.
• Lifetime guarantee – a testament to this French-made pocketknife’s exquisite quality.
• Delivered worldwide in a beautiful gift box that also serves as a storage case.
• An elegant yet functional tool, an original, timeless and customizable gift that will last a lifetime and can easily slip into any pocket!

Liadou’s® high-end cutlery is available online or in our brick-and-mortar locations in France

Would you like to purchase one of our 100% French-made pocketknives? You can purchase your Liadou® one our online shop or in person in our boutique in Rodez, France.

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