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Liadou de Table: handmade luxury cutlery & table knife sets

Some of France’s most renowned Michelin star chefs, like Dimitri Droisneau and Cyril Lignac, have opted to use Liadou de Table® knives in their restaurants. These high-end table knives are magnificent pieces of luxury cutlery created by Liadou du Vallon® in their French cutlery workshop. These superlative table knives are handcrafted from the finest materials and come with a lifetime warranty. Razor sharp, its customizable blade is forged from extremely high-end stainless steel. They boast elegant yet robust 8.4-inch handles that come in a variety of different materials and colors.

Make all meals indulgent: from a snack to an elegant 4-course meal

The glass, plate, fork and the Liadou de Table!

Table knives: sets of one, two or six

Elegant, authentic and customizable, the Liadou de Table® is a multifunctional high-end table knife that blends seamlessly with any table setting. From takeaway to exquisite fine-dining, make meal times indulgent with luxury cutlery that provides your guests with an excellent grip and effortless cutting while bringing refinement and personality to your décor. These elegant pieces of luxury cutlery measure 21.5cm (8.4in) in length and each knife weighs between 120g and 130g (4.2oz – 4.5oz). They come delivered in an elegant box in sets of one, two or six.

Luxury French cutlery that’s taking the hospitality world by storm

Authentic French cutlery is as beautiful as it is efficient, the Liadou de Table® is quickly becoming the tool of choice of some of France’s leading chefs. Liadou’s® artisanal table knives have become wildly popular among professionals in the luxury hospitality world. An increasing number of them are being exported abroad as French chefs are opening high-end restaurants around the world.

A bolsterless ergonomic handle and a razor-sharp blade

The high-end materials used to handcraft Liadou’s table knife sets

At Liadou, every detail of our handcrafted knives is carefully considered, from their razor-sharp blades forged from superior steels to their gracefully curved high-end ergonomic handles. We have a rigorous select process for choosing our suppliers in order to ensure that their business practices respect the environment, protect biodiversity and prevent deforestation.

Smooth and exceptionally sharp blades forged from the finest steel

The signature blade of a Liadou® is easily recognizable due to its large size and subtly downward pointing silhouette. In order to meet the high expectations of the most exigent professionals, the Liadou de Table’s® blade is forged from Z40C13 stainless steel - a tempered Martensitic steel that meets EN ISO 10088 standards. Careful consideration went into selecting this steel because Liadou® knows that not all steels are created equal. We have achieved a perfect balance of strength and corrosion resistant properties without compromising on the exceptional cutting capacity that made our Liadou Original® famous. The Liadou du Vallon® trademark engraved on the blade of each of our knives is a testament to their outstanding quality and serves as a proof of provenance, not only for the knives themselves, but also for all of the materials used to craft them.

High-end artisanal table knives that can be personalized

The authentic and luxurious Liadou de Table® knives are customizable. You can have a personalized message engraved on the blade of your knives without any additional fees. This inscription can be up to twenty characters (spaces included) and you can choose from three different fonts. Special orders for logos and images are also possible. Find out more about our bespoke services

An ergonomic handcrafted handle made from premium materials

Special attention must be put into designing a table knife’s handle in order to provide excellent grip and optimal cutting capacity. The collection of artisanal luxury cutlery, Liadou de Table®, has a particularly ergonomic handle. The handle scales are meticulously handcrafted from ultra-durable materials: box tree, ebony, juniper or olive tree wood, black carbon fiber or fiberglass (white, blue, red, orange or black). Elevate even the best dressed tables with a certain je ne sais quoi of French class regardless of which handle material you select: carbon fiber or one of our six different types of wood. Our new models also come with brass, copper or titanium finishes,

Luxury cutlery at its finest: the artisanal manufacturing process used to create Liadou table knives

Liadou du Vallon’s® luxury French cutlery workshop in Aveyron also houses one of our boutiques.

Entirely handmade, each Liadou de Table® is carefully handcrafted by our skilled artisans, following its future owner’s instructions to create a superlative piece of luxury cutlery.

17 rue du Cruou
12330 Marcillac-Vallon
Aveyron, France

If you would like to take a tour of our French luxury cutlery workshop, please call us at +33 5 65 67 15 12.

France’s top chefs are using Liadou luxury cutlery table knife sets

Professional-grade French cutlery with a lifetime warranty

High-end cutlery worthy of the best restaurants

It’s no wonder that French chefs and professionals in the hospitality industry are praising Liadou de Table® for its incredible features. These professional-grade table knives’ flawless design was engineered it be worthy of the most renowned restaurants. Beyond having aesthetic features that meet the high quality of the establishments they are used in, they must cut through any ingredient with ease without degrading the quality of the knife itself. Liadou® set out to design a robust piece of luxury professional-grade cutlery that could withstand the test of time and intense daily use. Liadou de Table® meets all of the criteria that high-end restaurants seek while embodying the Aveyron region’s traditional artisanal cutlery manufacturing methods.

Superior quality that’s lifetime warranted

Each Liadou® knife that leaves our luxury French cutlery workshop is accompanied by a lifetime warranty - proof of the extreme care placed at the heart of each of our creations. This warranty covers any manufacturing defect that causes a part to break (blade, spring, tang, scales, nails or screws). Like most handmade luxury cutlery, Liadou’s® table knives cannot be washed in the dishwasher, unless they have POM or fiberglass handle scales.

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Fine dining establishments that use Liadou® table knives

Adopted by countless high-end establishments and Michelin star restaurants

Liadou’s® table knives and other luxury cutlery has taken the world of gastronomy by storm and won its heart - whether the head chef enjoys being featured in media outlets or is more private, traditional or contemporary, classic or innovative, Michelin starred or not. The most renowned chefs have had a hard time resisting its signature graceful curves, sturdy razor-sharp blade and exquisite materials that embody the very best of French terroir. Alexandre Bourdas - one of Liadou du Vallon’s® brand ambassadors and head chef at the famous “Guide Rouge” reviewed restaurant SaQuaNa in Honfleur - has equipped his establishment with these exquisite table knives. The following is just a few of the famous restaurants where you can eat with a Liadou de table® elegantly in hand:

To name but a few…

• Michelin 3-star restaurant La Villa Madie*** in Cassis (Chef: Dimitri Droisneau)
• Michelin 1-star restaurant Tomy & Co* in Paris (Chef: Tomy Gousset)
• Chef Cyril Lignac’s famous Parisian restaurants: Chardenoux, Aux Prés and Ischia
• Michelin 1-star restaurant La Réserve Rimbaud* in Montpellier (Chef: Charles Fontès)
• Heritage livestock breeder and alternative chef Frédéric Ménager and his restaurant Ferme de la Ruchotte® in Bligny sur l’Ouche
• Michelin 3-star restaurant Odette*** in Singapore (Chef: Julien Royer)

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Add a certain "je ne sais quoi" of French class to every meal with Liadou luxury cutlery

Traditional hand manufacturing, lifetime warrantied, Certificate of Authenticity, patented, razor-sharp blade, free customization services, ergonomic handle, awarded the “Fabriqué en Aveyron” label, high-end materials… Liadou du Vallon’s® table knives are the brand’s only non-folding knives and are sure to please even the most exigent gourmet lovers! Thanks to its success, Liadou® has created six different knife collections: the Liadou® Original, Liadou® Table, Liadou® Exception, Petit Liadou®, Liadou® Tire-bouchon (the only non-folding Liadou), and the latest model Liadou® Racing.

Shop online or in our brick-and-mortar locations in France

Are you looking to purchase a Liadou® table knife (available in sets of one, two or six)? We invite you to browse our online shop or come see our collections in person at our French boutiques located in Marcillac-Vallon and Rodez.

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